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Produzione e vendita di prodotti professionali come idropitture, vernici, rasanti e stucchi, per l’edilizia.
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  • High coverage breathable paint SUPERTINTA is one of the breathable paints based on synthetic binders in water-based emulsion, with a high percentage of titanium dioxide and selected fillers that provide ease of...
    Superfine water enamel Acrylic-based water enamel, with remarkable resistance to abrasion and practically impervious to weathering and the effects of time. Particularly suitable for painting radiant elements, it...
    Acrylic-siloxane finish Exterior wall paint based on acrylic-siloxane resin with water repellent properties and good permeability to water vapor. Eurosilacryl, in addition to providing a pleasant velvety, uniform,...


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